About - Kimberly Richard Photography & Retouching

As a natural light photographer, I cherish those moments when the sun streams through the window and lights up the perfect scene, allowing me to stop time and capture an extraordinary moment that I will be able to remember every time I look at that photograph.  Sometimes we think “perfect” pictures need to include a smile and straight posture, but in reality, the best moments are when you're relaxed, in a comfortable environment, and have a genuine expression on your face, showing the real you.

With that said, sometimes a final photograph needs a little “boost” to enhance what I have captured and that's where my years of retouching experience comes in handy. I have a strong creative talent for color correction and perfecting the images through retouching to ensure each finished shot is a professional, beautiful photo.

Within just a few years, my family of two has lovingly and quickly grown with 2 cats, then two dogs, and now one adorable little baby. Watching my baby grow so quickly over the last two years, I understand the importance of photographing the everyday, capturing moments that pass all too quickly. As your photographer, I strive to capture those same fleeting moments for you and your family.


I have 10 years of experience in photography and retouching.  I graduated from San Jose State University with a BA in Art and a minor in photography.  Before moving to Loudoun County, I studied under the very talented Keith Munyan and was also the head retoucher at Celebrity Pictures, Los Angeles for 5 years.  I have retouched images of A-list celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Mel Gibson, Miley Cyrus, and Jessica Alba which appeared in magazines all around the world.  I was also the retoucher and image composite editor for M: Mermaids of Hollywood, an artistic take on modern mermaids by photographer Mark Anderson. On the side, I was a portrait and head shot photographer for upcoming actors, models and musicians.

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